Monday, February 2, 2009

60 Seconds with Danielle Starzynski

The USF newspaper plays a little game called 60 seconds with athletes and this weeks version was with none other than the USF Bull's own Danielle Starzynski. Check it out below:

What is your favorite basketball moment?
-DS: My favorite basketball moment definitely has to be in high school when we played one of our rivals morristown in the playoffs and they were talking smack the whole game about how they would beat us. It ended up being a really close game, we were down 2 with 6 seconds left so i ran up the court took the ball and drained a 3 won the game for us. I don't know why that stands out so much but it does.

What age did you start playing basketball?
-DS: I've been playing basketball ever since i can remember. I picked up a ball as soon as i can walk but competitively playing i was like 5.

Which teammate is the loudest?
-DS: Some of my teammates would probably say me but i don't think i'm that loud so im gonna go with Janae, she's just naturally loud.

What is your favorite TV show?
-DS: Hmm thats a rough one i got a few shows im fond of but i think im gonna have to say Grey's Anatomy. Love that ish.

What was your favorite subject in high school?
-DS: Gym hands down lol.

Who is your favorite basketball player?
-DS: My favorite of all time is Michael Jordan, greatest to ever play the game that man's a god in my eyes. Current player though is Allen Iverson i've loved him for a while now but Kobe and Lebron knock my socks off those guys are unreal.

What is your favorite sport besides basketball?
-DS: Football, i'd love to be a football player. I could see myself as a wide reciever, the next chad johnson or something what you think? (laughing).

Who is your favorite musical artist or group?
-DS: Weezy F. Baby please say the baby (laughing).

Who is your favorite actress?
-DS: I don't think i have a favorite but i love Lauren London, oh and Halle Berry.

Who is your favorite superhero?
-DS: Flash, dude is so quickk.

What is your nickname?
-DS: Most people call me Dstar. Holla (laughing).

What is your favorite hobby, besides playing basketball?
-DS: Shopping, i have a problem i shop way too much but i don't care i love it. That new movie confessions of a shopaholic yeah that's about me (laughing).

What is your favorite place in Tampa?
-DS: I love the beach, everyone i've been to theyre so nice, we don't have that icey water and smooth sand back home.

What's your favorite vacation spot?
-DS: I went to Hawaii and it was gorgeous so thats definitely my favorite but i still haven't been to Jamaica and i really wanna go.

If you weren't playing basketball what would you be doing?
-DS: If i wasn't playing basketball i'd probably be dead (laughing) no i'm joking i'd be a stripper. (Laughing) No i'm just kidding, honestly idk i'd probably own my own shoe store. Or i'd be a music producer.

Best present ever recieved?
-DS: Nobody buys me presents its terrible (laughing). No but the best present i ever recieved was from myself and i bought myself a pair of og jordan 13's the black playoff ones oh my god they're so sexy i still have them i dropped a lot of money on them but it was so worth it.

What can fans expect at a Bulls game?
-DS: They can expect entertainment. I, along with my team, go out there every night and play our hearts out and put on a show and we aim to entertain the fans and i think that's exactly what we do. It's a real fast paced dedicated style of basketball and we play hard everytime we go out there so if you enjoy basketball you'll love our game.

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